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Maersk Line adjusts capacity in the Asia - Europe service network

Date of issue:2010-12-16    【The shop name:big middle small
Maersk Line will adjust its Asia - Europe capacity in line with changing market demand. In mid-November, Maersk Line will temporarily withdraw a service from the network.

"A few weeks ago, we said that we were ready to adjust our capacity to post-peak demand levels, and that is what we are announcing today," says Lee Sissons, Director of Maersk Line's Asia-North Europe trade. "We are taking out one service - the AE9 - for a period of time. We will make some adjustments to our network to maintain our high schedule reliability and extensive coverage. Therefore we are hopeful our customers will not see a disruption in the services we provide."

The capacity adjustment is currently limited to the withdrawal of the AE9 service and does not entail any vessel lay-ups or similar.

 "At this point, we do not expect to lay up vessels or further capacity adjustments in the trade. We plan to reinstate the AE9 service as demand levels dictate, and we will remain flexible to changes in the market," Lee Sissons says.

The AE9 accounts for approximately 10% of Maersk Line’s Asia - Europe service network capacity.

After Chinese New Year, Maersk Line expects to remove capacity once again in line with market demand levels