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European Customs advanced manifest rule

Date of issue:2009-12-15    【The shop name:big middle small

The European customs advanced manifest rule will be enforced from the 31st of December 2010 and apply to all 27 ?EU member states. The primary purpose of this regulation is to ensure security risk assessment is performed before goods arrive in the EU.

In case of non-compliance, the most serious consequence would be halting of loading or unloading and the consequent disruption of cargo flows and supply chains. Furthermore, customs authorities will impose fines or other penalties on the carriers and other parties responsible for the submission of cargo declarations.

Scope of the rule

Entry Summary declaration (ENS):
For all cargo entering the EU, Maersk Line must submit an Entry summary declaration (ENS) to the first port of call in the EU; at least 24 hours before cargo is loaded onto the vessel bound for the EU; at the non-EU port of loading.

An ENS is required for:

旼oods to be imported in to the EU ?i.e. discharge of goods at first or subsequent EU ports.
旻reight Remaining on Board (FROB) for non-EU destinations.
昑ranshipment cargo to EU or non-EU ports.
旳ll transit cargo for both EU and non-EU final destinations.
Maersk Line is responsible for the timely electronic lodgement of the relevant entry summary declarations with customs. In order to comply with the deadlines set by customs, Maersk Line will require that shippers submit complete and accurate Shipping instructions (SI) and customs declaration information - well within time.
Cut-off times for receiving this information will be provided on this site in due time.

The following ENS data elements are required in the shipping instructions:

旴ill of lading number
昐hipper and Consignee name and address (EORI number, if available)
昇otify party (Mandatory if Consignee is "To order"; EORI number, if available)
旳cceptable goods description
? digit HS commodity code
昉ackage type
昇umber of packages
旵ontainer number
旼ross mass (kg)
昒N code for dangerous goods
昐eal number
昑ransport charges method of payment code (e.g. cash, credit card; to be provided only where available)
For 搒hort sea?shipments, the ENS has to be lodged two hours before arrival in the EU.
A written consent from Maersk Line is required when a freight forwarder wants to file the ENS